Adam Birenbaum

Chief Executive Officer
Buckingham Wealth Partners

Over 15 years ago, Buckingham Asset Management and BAM Advisor Services created BAM Risk Management to provide high level risk management and insurance resources to firms and their clients. Due to the evolution of the financial services industry, we made the strategic decision to go fee-only, but wanted to keep the risk management resources and personnel consistent for our advisors. First Element Insurance Planners continues the client centered approach to risk management and I would highly encourage any RIA to work with this group of insurance and estate planning experts, who operate with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Jeff Remming

Chief Transformation Officer
Buckingham Wealth Partners

“The staff at FEIP brings a tremendous amount of expertise and support to partner firms in a very comfortable, process-driven fashion. For those who are striving to be truly holistic in planning, First Element Insurance Planners is an incredible resource."

Aaron Vickar

Wealth Advisor
Buckingham Wealth Partners

"As the former Director of BAM Risk Management, I can personally attest that the sophistication, creativity and expertise that results from the work done by First Element is unmatched. Any fee-only advisor should strongly consider partnering with this group, as it can do nothing but provide a benefit to your firm and your clients. As a Buckingham Wealth Advisor, I feel this group is a critical element to my team."

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