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Wealth management firms are progressively shifting to a fee-only planning model with the goal of providing comprehensive, holistic guidance. First Element Insurance Planners was created to serve as a strategic partner to fee-only firms to make it comfortable and easy to address risk management in a process-driven, proactive manner.

Benefits of Partnering with First Element Insurance Planners

  • Client First Approach
  • Proactive Planning
  • Objective Recommendations
  • Standardize the Client Experience
  • Expand Your Team
  • Bring Additional Value to Client Reviews
  • Increase Client Retention

“Over 15 years ago, Buckingham Strategic Wealth and BAM Advisor Services created BAM Risk Management to provide high level risk management and insurance resources to firms and their clients. Due to the evolution of the financial services industry, we made the strategic decision to go fee-only, but wanted to keep the risk management resources and personnel consistent for our advisors. First Element Insurance Planners continues the client centered approach to risk management and I would highly encourage any RIA to work with this group of insurance and estate planning experts, who operate with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Adam Birenbaum, Chief Executive Officer at Buckingham Strategic Wealth and Buckingham Strategic Partners

“The staff at FEIP brings a tremendous amount of expertise and support to partner firms in a very comfortable, process-driven fashion. For those who are striving to be truly holistic in planning, First Element Insurance Planners is an incredible resource.

Jeff Remming, President of BAM Advisor Services

“As the former Director of BAM Risk Management, I can personally attest that the sophistication, creativity and expertise that results from the work done by First Element is unmatched. Any fee-only advisor should strongly consider partnering with this group, as it can do nothing but provide a benefit to your firm and your clients. As a Buckingham Wealth Advisor, I feel this group is a critical element to my team.

Aaron Vickar, Wealth Advisor at Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Our Solutions

Standardize the Client Experience

Providing select fee-only firms with a standardized approach to risk management planning, ensuring the client experience across your firm is consistent.

Create a Proactive Process

Fold risk management comfortably and easily into the planning process.

Expand Your Team

Add specialists to your staff without fixed overhead costs (salaries, retirement benefits, healthcare cost, payroll tax, etc.).

Enhance Objectivity

Dozens of insurance carriers and products are researched to ensure the best possible options are provided.  FEIP is not controlled or owned by an insurance carrier.


First Element’s insurance planning platform was designed to be predictable and easy for advisors to engage. Each type of risk management follows the exact same process:


Communicate Value


Gather Information


Receive a Polished Report

Evaluations Offered

  • Permanent life insurance
  • Current Estate Plan
  • Long Term Care Strategy
  • Business Succession Plan
  • Key Person Indemnification
  • Income Protection (Life & Disability)

Numbers That Might Surprise You


of clients prefer an advisor who takes all areas of their financial life into account, as opposed to an advisor who specializes in one or two areas.


of clients say an advisor with knowledge of multiple areas of the financial planning process is the most important element when selecting an advisor (more important than an investment track record).


Nearly two thirds of clients say they are prepared to abandon or not engage an advisor whose knowledge and training is limited largely to his or her company’s products or services.

Citation:  Investor Preferences in Selecting a Financial Advisor. Survey conducted by ORC International. Published: December 1, 2014

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