Holistic Risk Management Solutions

For fee-only planning firms


Providing select fee-only firms with a consistent approach to risk management planning.

Through countless focus groups with fee-only advisors, First Element Insurance Planners (FEIP) has found many RIAs and trust companies have a consistent, if not mandatory, approach to the manner in which clients are engaged regarding investments. However, when it comes to risk management planning, many advisors in each firm maintain unique relationships with insurance professionals with varying levels of expertise.

This not only creates inconsistency in the client experience, but it also can potentially compromise the financial plan (as clearly some insurance professionals are more prudent and capable than others). Issues created from this arrangement can include:

  • Improper Ownership
    Policies owned inappropriately can create monumental tax implications and can devastate a financial plan.
  • Lack of Objectivity
    Clients may receive limited options in a very large, robust market. This limitation could result in unnecessarily inflated premiums or greater exposure to risk.
  • Additional Risk
    Many products in today’s market are based upon non-guaranteed elements. While these products may be trendy, FEIP believes they are typically not the most favorable way to mitigate risk.
Standardize Financial Planning Strategy

Create a Proactive Process

Fold risk management comfortably and easily into the planning process.

FEIP has created a turn-key system that can adapt into nearly any existing planning process to make risk management planning a part of the comprehensive, proactive planning process.

Expand Your Team

Add specialists to your staff without fixed overhead costs.

The cost of hiring specialists to provide risk management expertise could devastate the profitability of a firm. The training the team would require, along with the cost to develop processes, procedures and presentation material, would be a daunting, time-consuming and expensive endeavor that could subject clients to being “test pilots.” Partners of FEIP receive personalized, predictable, process-driven service without the burden of additional overhead.

Objective Financial Planning

Unparalleled Estate Planning Resources

Most affluent clients have executed estate plans at some point in time.  In their minds, they have checked the proverbial box and fail to consider how changes in wealth, family dynamics and law affect their plan. Five, ten, sometimes even fifteen years go by and many clients still do not have their plans updated. Why? Because clients do not always understand why they need to have their plans updated and don’t want to incur unnecessary attorney fees.

The FEIP approach allows your high net worth clients to receive objective, comprehensive planning insights from an estate and business planning expert (a former private-practice attorney). Should any updates be necessary in the plan, our expert will coordinate with the attorney of the client’s choosing. FEIP is not in the practice of law and will not draft documents. 

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