Turn-key evaluation processes

First Element provides turn-key evaluation processes that are designed to assist advisers in identifying planning opportunities and enhancing client relationships. While each process has a different focus, they each follow the same basic structure, making it very easy and predictable to leverage the heavy-lifting and expertise onto the First Element team.


1. Communicate Value

First Element provides client explanation documents for each process that make it easy to communicate the benefits of participation to your clients.


2. Gather Information

This is the turn-key part of each process. First Element provides an Information Gathering Document that initiates the process. Once completed with your client, submit to First Element and we begin our analysis.


3. Receive a Comprehensive Analysis

After the analysis, First Element will provide the client with a summary of planning options directly relating to their specific goals and objectives.

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Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation is a process allowing advisors to partner with a trusted third party to analyze clients’ and prospects’ existing life insurance portfolio, review performance and recommend appropriate alternatives that may reduce premium outlay, increase benefits, or extend guarantees.

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Estate Tax Analysis

Estate Tax Analysis provides a detailed calculation of potential federal and/or state estate taxes associated with your estate upon death, by a qualified estate planning expert. The process includes a comprehensive cash flow analysis and asset performance modeling to estimate potential tax liability at life expectancy. Because of your relationship with our firm, this service is offered to you at no cost.

Estate Evaluation

Estate Evaluation is a comprehensive analysis of your clients’ current estate plans by a qualified estate planning expert. The process considers your clients’ wishes and objectives and offers appropriate planning alternatives. This process adds significant value to your client relationships without the traditional costs associated with estate plan reviews.

Long Term Care Evaluation

LTC Evaluation is a confidential analysis of a client’s longevity plan. The process considers the client’s current health, risk retention level and family history. The process confirms the client’s plan efficiently protects assets, allows the client to maintain a similar standard of living, and ensures the client does not become a burden to family members and friends. LTC Evaluation identifies the client’s greatest concerns as it relates to longevity and retirement planning.

Business Succession Evaluation

Business Succession Evaluation (BSE) is a confidential analysis of a business’ current succession plan by a qualified business and estate planning expert. The process considers how the business owners’ goals and objectives are reflected in the current plan and, when appropriate, provides planning alternatives that better achieve the desired results. This process confirms the plan transitions the business to whom they wish in the most efficient manner possible.

Key Person Evaluation

Key Person Evaluation provides an analysis of the impact of a key employee’s death on a business and provides options to transfer the risk and indemnify the business.

Disability Income Evaluation

Disability Income Evaluation provides an analysis of the necessary amount and type of coverage needed to replace a specific amount of income in the event of a disability.

Income Replacement Evaluation

Income Replacement Evaluation is an analysis of the required coverage needed to replace a specified amount of income. Despite how much an individual earns, many families are highly leveraged and require all or most of those funds to maintain their current standard of living. When a family is dependent on one or both spouses’ income(s), it is critical to ensure life insurance coverage is in place to potentially replace the required income stream. This process allows you to comfortably gather information from your clients, identify their need for protection and quickly make a recommendation for a proper amount of coverage.

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